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A Journey Alongside the Spirit of Ramadan

Every year, more than 1.4 billion Muslims all around the world celebrate the holy month of Ramadan. They fast from sunrise to sunset, for thirty days, in celebration of the first revelation of the Quran to the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). But Ramadan isn’t just a celebration; it is a time to feel with the poor and to humble one’s self in front of God, to thank him for his virtues and blessings. Ramadan is a very lovable month, and since it only occurs once a year, it is celebrated widely in different ways, in each part of the globe. What

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Need Survival Music for the Last 15 Days of Ramadan?

So, we’re 15 days into Ramadan! That means 15 days of struggle. Not only do we struggle with thirst and hunger, but even our ears and tongues struggle. Ramadan is the month of spiritual struggle, a month in which Muslims fast from food, drink, and all things that may or may not anger God. This means we’re fasting from gossip, hearsay, selfishness, greed, lust, and most importantly; MUSIC! Yes, you read that correctly. Most music these days contain words, thoughts, or beliefs that many consider haram to listen to. Although some Islamic schools consider these types of music to be haram all months

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What Does Vintage Mean for Those in the MENA Region?

A word can have several effects on people, our brains connect certain words with different feelings and memories. One word could represent a history, and one such word that holds many meanings in its letters is “Vintage”.  The word vintage was first used in the 15th century, and it meant wine harvest. Vintage used to refer to the specific year that the grapes were cultivated in. It went on for “vintage” to denote the quality of certain wines, or how old were they. Today, however, this word took on a whole different meaning. It is still used to refer to

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Sudan: Let’s Wear What We Produce Ourselves

Once known as the Kingdom of Kush, Sudan has made its way through several era’s. The new age is one in which they are striving to maintain the works of their own hands. In fact, their government has spread the motto, “Let’s wear what we produce ourselves.” The crafting industry in Sudan is largely made up by tannery and leather production, weaving mills, spinning mills, gum arabic production, paper mills, minerals, ores, and raw materials extraction. For the most part, weaving and spinning is focused on the most. Most of these crafts are made by women and more and more initiatives

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Palestinian Embroidery: Becoming Part of Contemporary Fashion

Embroidery is considered to be part of tradition and culture in many corners of the world. Each country or culture differs in the way it represents its embroidery pieces, and in the way it is decorated, made and used. Palestinian Embroidery is unique and is recognized among other embroideries for its vibrant colors and impeccable designs as well as for its cultural and social meaning. What has known to be a Palestinian tradition, and an artistic way of preserving the Palestinian identity, is now embellishing the contemporary world of fashion! Some experts believe that the embroidered Palestinian traditional women dress can be traced back to the styles of

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5 DIY Tests to Know If Your Honey is Pure Honey

Taking advantage of the high demand for pure honey, unscrupulous manufacturers have been flooding the market with fake products also known as adulterated honey- honey that has additives such as glucose, molasses or sugar syrup. As you may know, pure honey on the other hand is a natural product made by honey bees. It is basically the floral nectar collected by bees, refined and reserved in the combs inside the bee hives. Industrial tests taken to determine whether honey is organic or fake vary from country to country. For this reason, what is considered pure in one region might be fake


Trust Online Shopping in the MENA Region

For many people in the Arab world, online shopping is one of those big no no’s that Mama warned us about. But today, we have come into an age where online shopping can actually be the best place to find the best deals for all types of tids and bits! Let’s run through things that people fear the most when shopping online: Credit Card Scams: Paranoia is one of those traits common among most Arabs, or people in general actually. However, today you don’t even need a credit card to shop. There are these awesome Internet Shopping Cards that you can deposit whatever amount

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Olive Oil Soap: 6 Healthy Reasons Why You Should Use It

In this wonderful, modern-day world of ours, many products manufactured daily claim to perform a variety of ‘crazy’ functions. The main question, almost always, usually is; what works and what doesn’t? However, when it comes to healthy, radiant skin, however, one thing that has proven to work most effectively is Palestinian olive oil soap. Many questions must be running through your mind right now, like: Why Palestinian olive oil soap? Well, if you wish to discover its wonderful health benefits, please do continue reading! It helps with common chronic skin conditions. This might sound a bit far-fetched, right? I mean,