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Get to know the Middle Eastern culture by browsing through arts and crafts handmade with passion and national history.

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Need Survival Music for the Last 15 Days of Ramadan?

So, we’re 15 days into Ramadan! That means 15 days of struggle. Not only do we struggle with thirst and hunger, but even our ears and tongues struggle. Ramadan is the month of spiritual struggle, a month in which Muslims fast from food, drink, and all things that may or may not anger God. This means we’re fasting from gossip, hearsay, selfishness, greed, lust, and most importantly; MUSIC! Yes, you read that correctly. Most music these days contain words, thoughts, or beliefs that many consider haram to listen to. Although some Islamic schools consider these types of music to be haram all months

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What Does Vintage Mean for Those in the MENA Region?

A word can have several effects on people, our brains connect certain words with different feelings and memories. One word could represent a history, and one such word that holds many meanings in its letters is “Vintage”.  The word vintage was first used in the 15th century, and it meant wine harvest. Vintage used to refer to the specific year that the grapes were cultivated in. It went on for “vintage” to denote the quality of certain wines, or how old were they. Today, however, this word took on a whole different meaning. It is still used to refer to

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Sudan: Let’s Wear What We Produce Ourselves

Once known as the Kingdom of Kush, Sudan has made its way through several era’s. The new age is one in which they are striving to maintain the works of their own hands. In fact, their government has spread the motto, “Let’s wear what we produce ourselves.” The crafting industry in Sudan is largely made up by tannery and leather production, weaving mills, spinning mills, gum arabic production, paper mills, minerals, ores, and raw materials extraction. For the most part, weaving and spinning is focused on the most. Most of these crafts are made by women and more and more initiatives