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5 DIY Tests to Know If Your Honey is Pure Honey

Taking advantage of the high demand for pure honey, unscrupulous manufacturers have been flooding the market with fake products also known as adulterated honey- honey that has additives such as glucose, molasses or sugar syrup. As you may know, pure honey on the other hand is a natural product made by honey bees. It is basically the floral nectar collected by bees, refined and reserved in the combs inside the bee hives. Industrial tests taken to determine whether honey is organic or fake vary from country to country. For this reason, what is considered pure in one region might be fake

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Olive Oil Soap: 6 Healthy Reasons Why You Should Use It

In this wonderful, modern-day world of ours, many products manufactured daily claim to perform a variety of ‘crazy’ functions. The main question, almost always, usually is; what works and what doesn’t? However, when it comes to healthy, radiant skin, however, one thing that has proven to work most effectively is Palestinian olive oil soap. Many questions must be running through your mind right now, like: Why Palestinian olive oil soap? Well, if you wish to discover its wonderful health benefits, please do continue reading! It helps with common chronic skin conditions. This might sound a bit far-fetched, right? I mean,